Approach to Interior Design

As a Santa Fe interior designer and member of ASID, Jennifer's  approach with her clients and the network of collaborators is accomplished in pursuit of celebrating the art of living well, where sustainability is relevant, beauty is significant and function in a space is attained in a joyful design process. 

From the start of the interior design process Jennifer engages her clients by asking particular questions.  What honors a particular space relating to the history, style and function.  She asks what can be done to artfully expand an interior space. Ultimately she believes each client's needs are the real focal point, but at the same time she makes certain creative and open discussions occur and finds that is the place where everything is possible. The space she envisions whether it is a home, shop, lobby, office or gallery has a fresh take on style and suits function in a powerful way.


A major home renovation can mean anxiety, worry and a never-ending series of difficult decisions. Jennifer Ashton listened to my ideas, made her own wonderful suggestions, and provided boundless energy and know how. I appreciated and relied upon her understanding of design, as well as her knowledge of space, light and color in accomplishing the successful renovation of my home. Thank you Jennifer!      

M in Santa Fe

Jennifer Ashton consulted with me regarding a makeover of the interior of some of the Southwestern College campus buildings. Honestly, I was shocked by what a fresh pair of professional eyes (she had never visited the campus previously) could “see” almost immediately, as well as the ease with which we could make substantive and attractive changes, both subtle and striking,  all over campus on a very modest budget.

The results have been amazing, and much appreciated by all constituencies at the College, and we are not finished yet. The ROI, in terms of staff morale, enhanced recruitment potential, quality of life considerations, and aesthetic resonance, is incalculable.

Jennifer Ashton is real, she listens, she “gets” who you are as a person or an institution, and her naturally collaborative and service-oriented way of being in the business world, along with an exquisite and playful aesthetic sensibility, is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

Dr. James Michael Nolan, President Southwestern College, Santa Fe


Photography: Jennifer Ashton and Laurie Allegretti

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