A New Sense of Design Space

Falling fast into the new year and settling into a new space in the city of Santa Fe, I was overcome with a sense of blessing with interior design projects beginning and ending. As I set up my new interior design studio I had finally arrived home at Trailhead Design Source. The feeling of community of neighbors and activity is truly inspiring on a daily basis. The aroma of foods from my next door neighbor, Opuntia Cafe and the sounds of laughter as kids come and go and enjoy the dynamic and organic outdoor spaces caringly crafted by landscape architect and designer, Solange Serquis provide wonderful creative stimulation to my soul.

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I am enjoying creating an atmosphere of spontaneity and creativity for my clients to come and play in design. Time spent in collaborative discussions of furniture possibilites, fabric stories of refurbishing old furniture relics like loveseats and chairs to conference calling clients working out design details, is where the heart of my design journey is today. Recently, finding a fun and local design collaborative with Santa Fe textile extraordinaire Aimee LaCalle adds contemporized and playful patterns to my library for residential projects and her line of wallcoverings offer bold and chic regional accents.

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I LOVE to design a focus friendly and artistically vibrant sense of place for my clients. By the time the afternoon outdoor scene begins at Trailhead and I have connected the dots on design stories including a local popular hospitality project and drawing designs for old and new build residential projects it is just the time for my favorite Oolong pineapple coconut tea courtesy of Opuntia Cafe.

Santa Fe Schools Better by Design!

The ShowHouse was another big success for raising funds for Dollars4Schools!! Here is a bit about my interior design project from ShowHouse Santa Fe dedicated to my darling Mother, Grandma Mary and Great Grandma Chila- a family room with colorplay and art pop for a theme of Old Mexico meeting New Mexico!!

Photos by: Laurie Allegretti

 The interior designer theme infused Old Mexico with New Mexico and was a personal and colorful interpretation of the past and present. I designed the  family room as a story playfulness and whimsy that began with Cindy Peck an amazing Santa Fe wall painter.  My artist wish list  included the world renowned, Hunt Slonem and his featured "Bunnies"  (provided by Pippin Contemporary) and the modern sleek style of artist Christopher Martin's Disc Series from Christopher Martin Gallery of Santa Fe.  Why not consider art at new heights for fun movement in a space.  A Paul Smith Rug design was provided by The Rug Company . The vintage stereo speakers were upholstered with a vintage serape that was a bit tattered from my Great Grandma's collection.

photo by Laurie Allegretti

photo by Laurie Allegretti

The walls were transformed with Dunn Edwards paint with a high-line style wainscotting in an earthy taupe color with a subtle charcoal diamond pattern for an interesting wall detail.  The inspiration came from the tombs of Guanajuato, Mexico. The silver leaf  Mexican mirror added adornment and detail against the smokey-taupe walls.  . The metal bench add simplicity and modernity and high chrome finish vases provide high gloss contrast.  We raised over 40k for Dollars4schools.org a charitable organization that provides direct needs to the local schools.

"Lux New Mex" for ShowHouse Santa Fe 2015

ShowHouse Santa Fe 2015 raised lots of money for school programs impacting 8,000 students in Santa Fe! The event was an amazing cast of local interior designers lovingly coming together with a creative force like no other to raise money for the Santa Fe local public schools.

In collaboration with dynamic partners including Santa Fe Properties, Bella Media and Dollars4schools with many other Santa Fe business sponsors and design enthusiast volunteers  in total raised over $30,000 for Santa Fe teachers and students for 2015 into 2016!

Interiors by David Naylor & Jennifer Ashton for ShowHouse SF 2015, photography by Kate Russell

Interiors by David Naylor & Jennifer Ashton for ShowHouse SF 2015, photography by Kate Russell

 Once again, enjoying the creative team up with David Naylor in our interior designer collaborative of an amazing historic 1800's living room space we naturally infused a bit of Santa Fe sky, mountains and earth.  Our decorative story was completed with fashion-inspired black denim and metallic sculptured chairs, fringe accents and a color palette of creamy white, sky blue, mauve, charcoal black, bronze and gold.  The fun was channeling all our favorite inspirational icons including O'Keeffe, Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren to name a few.  For more go to www.showhousesantafe.com

Interiors by Jennifer Ashton & David Naylor for ShowHouse Santa Fe 2015, photo by Kate Russell

Interiors by Jennifer Ashton & David Naylor for ShowHouse Santa Fe 2015, photo by Kate Russell