The Artistry of Color

Expressing color is an art. Color stories are a hot topic for my world of interior design. In my daily pursuits I often look to artists in my neighborhood and elsewhere to gain insight and inspiration. This particular encaustic block by Santa Fe artist Jacqueline Butler, titled Clifford's Still in Haiti, is a tapestry of abstraction and alluring color. Pondering pink as a hot accent color and a touch of green to counter rich earthy tones in a residential space feels fresh. Consider color combinations that convey your uniqueness even if they are unexpected for your home or office and be pleasantly surprised.


Good Day Sunshine!

A bit of bold color never hurt anyone and this wall of storage is well suited by this glamorous coat of high gloss sunshine. Where I live in Santa Fe we are blessed with an outrageous number of sunny days all year but there is a lack color in the terrain. So power packed color that is painted to accent unique locations inside the home can be a wonderful cure. Pick a color that you absolutely love, set aside fear and have fun!